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i just checked my quick result, and the glory belongs to god, i am glad i finally did the impossible and triumphed against all the odds , i tried my best and came out victorious.. and to those who are "quesioning" the validity off "the good pop" .. well i dont question it anymore, neither should you ....


well it is important to understand the medical surgical/ the pediatric / the anatomy. and the nursing care as in the intervention and expected outcome goals.. my issue was knowing the basics, after i comprehended the basics, which told me about a month of pure reading and little or no questions, after i comprehended the conditions and disease processes, i did about 100 questions everyday for 2 1/2 weeks, reading the question, and the questions i don't understand i would google on the terms, or refer to (what's your email, ill send you the pdf material also) the pdf source , called "medical terminologies simplified".

my study was two parts. the first part was more important than the second part.

part 1. = know the basics, know the medical language and terms dealing with the conditions in question (took me one month of reading)

part 2 = test your knowledge , as in you test yourself, but study the questions that you don't understand, befor answering it, usually i would horizontally cover half of the computer screen with a folder paper, and then guess a answer, 8 out of 10 times i would guess right, or i would get i the second guess.

it's important not to rush the study ( i used the cd that came with my "exam cram book")

their is both the "exam cram comprehensive review book" and the "exam cram question book"

remember to pray or be extremely positive, i did a lot of "positive affirmations" reference to "mind movie"

i went to the pearson vue testing center, prayed before i began my exam, and i feel like i guessed every question, or almost every question..

good luck

the hard part is preparation.. do the prep and you will be fine. (took me 3 tries to understand that).. don't study on the computer, get the actual book and read it.(took me 3 tries to understand that too)

Congratulations to you!!!! Seems like you worked real hard and you deserve it. I start nursing school this fall and I'm a long way from taking the nclex, but I know I have to stay positive.

Congratulations! I am still a year out, but study as much as I can!

I love how you give the glory to God. :yeah:


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