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I would like information on new and impoved ways to do a MTP within 5 days of a patients stay and what did you do to get the psychiatrist to cooperate and attend the staffing?

We are currently using the Kennedy Model and find it very time consuming, especially since the the short length of stay requirements in our hospital.


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At our facility the admitting nurse identifies the first problem and begins the treatment plan at the time of admission. This seems appropriate since the staff must provide a safe environment etc. for the patient before the treatment team meets. Staffing is held at the same time every day M-F. It is a requirement of the physician to attend staffing whenever they have a patient in the hospital. (This is tied to admitting priviledges). We work very hard to keep staffing focused and time efficient. We briefly review all patients with the physician then staff individual patients according to a pre-posted schedule. It works well usually and any non-compliance issues with the physicians are handled by human resources.


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Within 5 days?? Our MTP's have to be done within 24 hours! The psychiatrists are present, as well as two other disciplines. Any issues of non-compliance on the part of the physicians are dealt with by the chief of staff, and are usually handled swiftly.Our usual length of stay for acute patients is only 5-7 days. We are expected to meet treatment goals and arrange for follow-up in the community in that short time frame.

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