MTSU acceptance letters and questions during interview.


Hey everybody.... I'm new to the website and I was wondering if anyone out there has dealt with MTSU's nursing program and if you have about when you got your acceptance letter?? I applied with a 3.53gpa, HESI score of 92%, and prior experience working at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. My interview went well and of course the first question they asked me, although slightly rephrased, was "Why I wanted to be a nurse?". The other questions included "Name something difficult to deal with working at my current job as a Tech?", "What were my plans after nursing school?", and "Since you work full time right now, how do you plan on managing nursing school plus a full time job?". If anyone out there has any info I would greatly appreciate it;)


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I hope you've heard by now. They asked generally the same questions at my interview, except the bit about working full time--since I don't. My GPA isn't quite as strong as yours, but my HESI is slightly better, and I also have some clinical experience. I got a certified mail packet last Thursday with my acceptance letter and admissions paperwork. If you haven't heard yet, I bet you will soon.


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I recently had a meeting with my academic advisor. She gave me some general info about the interview and selection process.

The main things they look at are:


your gpa is on a 4.0 scale (duh), so if you have a 3.5 then you get a 3.5 in that catagory

HESI exam--

take your HESI result as a percent 92% for example. Turn that into a decimal, 0.92. Multiply that by 4 and you get your score for that catagory. For this example .92x4=3.68. you get a 3.68 in this catagory


You are interviewed by two people. Each person evaluates you in 4 seperate catagories based on your answers to the questions they ask. They rate you on a 1-4 scale (4 being the highest). They take your scores and average them. If one interviewer gave you all 4's and one interviewer gave you all 3's that would be 4x4=16 and 4x3=12, 16+12=28 , 28/8=3.5 . That is your score for that section.

Add all those scores together 3.5+3.68+3.5=10.68 then add another 0.5 if you have documented clinical experience and you have your "magic number". The top 60 candidates (or however many they are accepting) get in. The highest score possible is 12.5 (I bet hardly anyone ever gets that) and obviously the higher you can get your score the better your chances are.

It's interesting that the way they do this, all three criteria have an equal weight. If you are particularly strong in one area but weak in another, they might balance each other out. If your grades aren't perfect, but you do well in the interview, you still have a chance.

I'm sure the cut off number is different every semester depending on the applicant pool. But I'm willing to bet that if your score is below 10 or maybe even a 10.5 you aren't getting in for any semester.


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Thanks for all the info!! I got my acceptance letter and can't hardly believe it!!!


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:yeah: Yay! See you in the fall! :D