MT. Sac or LA County School of Nursing??


Hello everyone!

I am finished with my pre-reqs for the nursing program pretty much anywhere and my whole lifes plan was to stay at Mt. Sac and do the program there since I live down the street and it's a really good program then I learned that LA County-USC Medical center has a nursing program too!!

My dilemma: County Medical clinicals are held at County USC and UCLA campuses but it's about 20-30 minutes away and maybe cost but I think financial aid will cover it. Mt. Sac clinical are held locally and some hospitals, I hear, prefer mt. Sac students, I think they have partnerships.

I feel that the county school has more of an opportunity to get hired by USC, which has always been my goal BUT I haven't been able to find a whole lot of first hand info from current or former students regarding employment afterwards. On the other hand, one of my main reasons I am choosing Mt. Sac is purely sentimental. I feel like this is where I started this is where I should end but if there is a chance I could get into USC or maybe even UCLA, I'd have to put my feel vs aside and take it.

Has anyone gone through the county program and what job offers did you receive or did you take? And if you feel comfortable, what pay range did you receive? Same for Mt. Sac, what job offers did you receive etc.?

Thank you guys for reading and feedback!