MSON Fall 2023 _ Montefiore nursing school

U.S.A. New York


Hello, Has anyone applied for Monte Nursing program for fall 2023? I applied for day program heard its less competition than evening program. 

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Hi! I have applied for Fall 2023. Now just waiting to hear back. I got all my documents in early so I feel like I have been waiting forever! I read somewhere in their handbook they will let those who are accepted know by the beginning of April. 

Hey @RNtoMRS I applied to the fall 2023 as well. Check your portal, I just checked mine and it says I've been accepted.

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Congratulations!! I was accepted as well! I cannot wait to start! 

did you guys get emails also? or only portal messages ? 


I applied with a 73% HESI 

Congratulationsss @meag_rosales_321


Hi everyone, I checked my portal and it said that I was accepted into the program. Will they also send to the personal email on file and send a package to our house?

Congratulations to you both so many blessings today 

hey guys so what do we know about the program / class at wcc? are they known to use test banks? I will delete this thread before classes start 


I was accepted into Montefiore school of nursing for Sp 24. I wanted to know do any students from fall 23  have the booklist, syllabi, and/or advice? I am trying to gage what the books are so that I can download them and get a head start. 


Thanks in advance.

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