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MSN Programs in California for non- RN's?


I have my master's degree in CLinical Psychology and am considering going back to school to become a Psychiatric NP but my bachelor's degree is not in nursing. Does anyone know any accelerated or direct entry MSN programs? Are there any reputable one on line? I just turned 40 and am still paying student loans from my master's degree and am not sure if I should go back to school again.....


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I have not heard of a MSN program accepting non-RN's. I think you would have to do a fast track RN program (since you hold your bachelor's already), take the NCLEX and become a licensed RN and then apply to NP. Even then, with no RN experience..it may be tough to get accepted. Your psych background will def help if its a strictly psych NP program.

FNPstudent15, there are tons of direct-entry NP programs. For the OP, I suggest you look here - http://www.aacn.nche.edu/Education-Resources/APLIST.PDF - they list both accelerated BSN and accelerated MSN programs by state. California has a number of options but I'm not sure how many of those offer PMHNP.

UCSF has an excellent program and offers PMHNP.