2018 MSN/NP Direct Entry_Penn_Yale_UCSF


Alas, I know it is very early to be posting about applying to 2018 NP programs but here I am doing so anyway.

This is a general attempt to gather as much feedback, information and collaborate with any other students looking into the grad school process like me.

I'm a current BSN student, Junior. I am considering applying to a direct entry PMHNP program before I graduate. My dream would be get into Penn's PMHNP program.

However, I'm a Nurse Corps Scholar which means I'm contracted to work for 2 years in an under-served area as a RN when I graduate. So I may need to apply to a part time program.

At this time I'm just getting familiar with Penn's program. I'm hoping to gain insight into all direct entry programs available and hopefully compile an updated list of these programs soons.

I found this link to start my list: https://allnurses.com/student-nurse-practitioner/inclusive-list-of-809863.html

Any other early birds out there, what resources are you using to help navigate through the application process?