MSN Education student need Fall 2020 preceptor


Specializes in emergency, vascular surgery/telemetry, med-surg. Has 10 years experience.


I am a Registered Nurse currently enrolled in a MSN in Nursing Education program. I am looking for a preceptor for my fall 2020 course. I need to precept with a Nurse Practitioner that manages patients for 75 hours. I originally had a Northwell preceptor secured in February, but my school let me know at the end of July that we could not precept with Northwell or NYP NPs. My background is in Med/Surg and Emergency Nursing, but I am open to explore any and all areas of nursing with this clinical. I am located in Westchester, NY and am willing to commute. If anyone is available and interested please let me know.

Thank you for your time,