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Specializes in Emergency Nursing / CV/STICU.

Anyone graduated with their MSN-CNL and got accepted to CRNA school?

I know that majority of these "Direct-Entry Masters / CNL for RNs" provide you the MSN in the end, but technically as a CNL you're a advanced generalist and not a advance practice nurse. The benefit I see out of CNL programs is that you gain your MSN and that you've established yourself as a graduate student in handling graduate classes.

Here's the thing:

My cousin is currently in a CNL (Clinical Nurse Leader) program full-time, while working full-time. She's graduating soon. She's taken out federal loans to pay for school. By the end of her program, along with undergrad BSN debt, she'll have racked up $70,000 in debt. She wants to move on to anesthesia school, completely stop working as an ICU RN while attending anesthesia school, and take out again federal loans to pay for her 2-3 years of anesthesia school.

She'll probably have >$100,000 loan debt. Do you think her plan and the debt is worth it?

Will the government really give you all the money (living expenses, etc) you need to not work and be able to attending CRNA school full-time?

It seems really rare that people get accepted in BSN-DNP (anesthesia) programs. It seems like the ones with their MSNs, APN or not, get the preference into a DNP Anesthesia School.