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I work at a rural hospital in the north and we do team nursing. I can have up to 13 patients with a lpn. I get surgical pts mostly joints and I get a lot of genitourinary and ent post op patients. Over the past six months I have crossed trained to our smaller icu and have become skilled with higher level patients. I used to work in a joint commissioned approved Stroke center that did primary nursing and we were staffed 6:1. I worked there 6 months.

We are looking into moving to the DFW area in tx and I have a travel nursing offer at baylor university medical center. I am wondering if it sounds like I have enough experience to do this job? This is my first post and I know that this move would have alot of changes and challenges and was hoping for some feedback from experienced travel nurses to the Dallas area.

Thank you all in advance! :cat:


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I should add that I have ACLS BLS and PALS and I interpret Tele on my current unit.