MPH Degree


Hello Everyone,

I am interested in going back to school for nursing and had a few questions. I am currently enrolled in my last semester of Grad School and also completing some prerequisites i never took during my undergrad years.

1. Will having a MPH degree better my chances in getting into a nursing program?

2. If i cant get into an accelerated or regular bsn degree is an associate nursing program a good idea?

3. I am thinking of applying to College of New Rochelle for summer 2015, anyone have any information about their application process?

4. Whats the difference between the HESI test and the Teas v test?


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They don't really care what kind of degree you have. The difference between the Hesi and Teas is the school. Most community colleges use the Teas and most 4 year universities use the Hesi. They measure your basic knowledge of subjects and how likely you will be to retain the material they teach. Will you need a lot of remedial work or are you ready for nursing school? If you have taken the prereqs for your program you will do fine on either.