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Moving to South Carolina

South Carolina   (4,006 Views 3 Comments)
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I currently live and work in PA. I am a nurse in the ER at a Level 1 Trauma Center with 1 year experience. My fiance is going to be attending Coastal Carolina university this fall and we both plan to relocate. I have been to Myrtle Beach on vacation a few times and love the area and especially love the people. I really want to work at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

My question is can anyone provide me with any information about Grand Strand Medical Center? Like as far as their reputation, Are they a good employer, what type of equipment they have (ancient or new technology). Stuff like that.

I am also looking for information about living in the area. ie: cost of living, and an example of cost of monthly utilities if renting a residence.

If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


Jimmy RN

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Hello, I work for an HCA hospital (Blake Medical Ctr) in Bradenton FL. GSR in Myrtle Beach is in the same corporation. We have Computer-On-Wheels with electronic EMAR med scanning/pt. ID bracelets. Meditech DOS based software to do our documentation. Accu-Dose machines to pull meds.

I honestly don't know if all HCA hospitals use the same systems.

I'm a SC native, so on a trip to visit family, we drove by the GSR- it is not a large hospital. Check out the website http://www.grandstrandmed.com & they'll be happy to answer any questions about their particular hospital systems & policies.

I contacted them Fall of 2006, explaining I was working MED/SURG in an HCA hospital down here & was interested in transferring spring/summer 2007-TRIED TO HIRE ME PRONTO!

http://www.conwayhospital.com is about 20 minutes away on US 501 in Conway SC, not far from the US 17 intersection.

http://www.lorishealthcaresystem.com is in Loris SC, northwest of North Myrtle Beach, & RN students from HGCC like doing clinicals there.

http://www.gmhsc.com is in Georgetown SC, south of Myrtle Beach, before Charleston SC.

They also own Waccamaw Community Hospital in Murrells Inlet, private not for profit in Murrells Inlet, just below Myrtle Beach but before Georgetown. Their webpage link can be accessed on the Georgetown site.

A couple of travel nurses have said they liked the friendliness of Georgetown Memorial.



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will be relocating to the myrtle beach area, i have done home health for what feels like forever and would like to stay in the area....can anyone help me out and let me know of any agencies in that area....so much appreciated!!!!

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