Moving to San Antonio upon graduation. Any advice?


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Hello fellow Anesthesia fans,

I'm 29 y.o. scheduled to graduate Anesthesia school on 12/2017. My partner is currently stationed in San Antonio, TX. I've been looking for jobs in San Antonio, but I haven't seen many, and the ones for the Military hospitals require experience. I would appreciate any advice about job environment, hospitals to look into, anesthesia culture in San Antonio or around, a good job for new graduates, etc... I actually have a phone interview for Baylor Scott and White Medical center, which I believe it is a bit over 2 hrs away from San Antonio. Does anyone have some insight about the anesthesia culture there?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

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I just moved from San Antonio to Maryland to start anesthesia school this June. San Antonio is a awesome city with a lot to do. Most of the job opportunities for CRNA's is in outpatient surgery. They use a lot of CRNA's in the the hospitals in Austin. It is an easy drive from San Antonio to Austin, it took 53 minutes door to door from downtown San Antonio to a hospital in downtown Austin. Congrats and good luck, if you have any questions on San Antonio feel free to ask.


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Thank you so much for your replay! ... yes, I keep reading that the Anesthesia culture in Texas is, I guess more limited than what I am use to in the facilities that I'm training at. It's a bit disappointing but I'm hoping I can get a job with a broader diversity of cases for my first CRNA job somewhere close to San Antonio......If not I guess I'd have to get one of those airline credit cards.... :p And best of luck to you!!! Hope you had a nice vacation prior to starting.