Moving to OKC to pursue nursing programs



I'm currently a pre-nursing student who is nearly finished with pre-req's for my state. I have compared the requirements for becoming a nurse in Oklahoma, and there are only a few minor adjustments I'd need to make.

My family is considering a move to OKC just for the sole purpose of me getting into a program. I have one option where I currently live. We have a desire to move and start fresh, not to mention I have family all over the state of Oklahoma.

My question is in regards to the unemployment rate in OKC and wages. My husband has a military background and a stable job history,but no degree, and his experience is in manufacturing.

What info can you give me inregards to OCCC and how hard it is to get in there for an associates degree? I have an excellent GPA. Do I understand correctly that OCCC offers a night program in addition to their day program?

If someone where to attend OCCC and go through their nursing program what area of town would you recommend living in? Any information anyone has is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much and I look forward to reading your responses.

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