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Moving to NV

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Hi Everyone,

I am a PACU RN and have been offered an opportunity to work with Renown South Medows MC in Reno, NV. I'm looking for feedback from any nurses who currently work or previously have for this organization. I'm really excited for the move but extremely nervous about taking the job offer without knowing really much about the hospital itself and if employees enjoy their jobs there. If anyone can give me any info, it would be greatly appreciated!


I work with several people who've worked there and they don't say much one way or the other... Though they've obviously voted with their feet.


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I worked for Renown once upon a time. And left when their staffing practices in the ICU got out of control. Routinely being given 3 patient assignments in a Level II Trauma ICU, sometimes the beds were in different pods so impossible to keep an eye on your patients. Not to mention it was the lowest paying hospital in the area. I transferred to Carson Tahoe. You should look into Sierra Surgery Center. Fantastic place to work and the pay is great.