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Hello fellow nurses!

My husband and I are moving to the Northern Va/Washington DC area so I am starting the process of looking for a new job. I am currently a PACU nurse but would like to get back into the ICU. Can you guys recommend, based on experience or word of mouth, where I should focus my attention? I have heard George Washington Univ. Hospital is a good place to work and pays well. I have heard INOVA Fairfax is another good place. Do you know of a particular hospital or unit that I should avoid like the plague? I know every unit is different so it's hard to generalize -any advice or intel is much appreciated! Thank you!

If you are looking at NOVA, I cant speak specifically about unit, but INOVA Fairfax would be a great hospital for ICU because it is Level I trauma. I worked for INOVA briefly and enjoyed the atmosphere but have heard Virginia Hospital and Reston Hospital offer better benefits for employees. I cant speak for Virginia Hospital or Restons ICU. I do know Virginia Hospital is a big teaching hospital, and part of the Mayo clinic. Good Luck!

Inova Fairfax is a level 1 trauma hospital, so you would get to see/care for high acuity pts. I work there and my husband works at VHC. VHC health insurance is waaaay better so we're on his insurance, same for tuition benefits and PTO. Those are the areas that count the most for me, so I'd say that on the whole VHC has much better benefits. However, Inova retirement package is better than VHC. Pay in this area is not good compared to cost of living, so be prepared for that! Look into positions as unionized hospitals in DC for the best pay.


I am also looking to move to the DC/ VA area. Have you already started working in the area? I have worked in the CTICU for 3.5 years now. We have everything from simple CABG to TAVR to LVADs to ECMOs. Any information you have would be helpful. Thanks!

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