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Moving to NJ - 2 job offers and need advice!

BKG BKG (New) New Nurse

Specializes in Labor & Delivery. Has 4 years experience.

Hi All!

I am relocating to NJ from NC and have 2 job offers. I am an L&D Nurse and have been offered a position at St. Clare's Denville In L&D and also at Saint Barnabas in Livingston, also in L&D. I am torn! They both seem like good hospitals. St. Clares is smaller, community, closer to my house but less orientation (only 3 shifts!) but lower risk than what I am used to. Saint Barnabas is further away, but Magnet designation, teaching hospital and more resources and more training, likely more room for opportunities and growth. I do not know which to choose, anyone with experience at either hospital in these departments?