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Hello Everyone!

I am relocating to the Des Moines Area in the next month. My husband got a job transfer down there and I am inquiring on nursing schools in the area. I have some pre-reqs completed, but not enough for a BSN program, and need opinions on where to go...

I can go full-time or Part-time and Would really like to Start in Fall 2011 (since i missed the cut-off for Spring). I am just looking for a solid "good" program. I have looked into DMACC and Mercy, but have received mixed feelings. I heard DMAAC has a waitlist, does anyone know how long the waitlist is? And is Mercy Worth the money instead of waiting?

Again this are the pre-reqs I will have completed by December:

Anatomy and Physiology I

Anatomy and Physiology II


Psy 101

Psy 235 (Growth and Developemnt)

ENG 101.

Any opinions are GREAT!! I am so nervous about moving and trying to find a new nursing school to attend!! So Thank You!!!


I am not sure if this would be close enough for you, but I attend Southwestern Community College in Creston,IA.The program is a bridge program where the first year you get your LPN, and they can go on the 2nd year to get your RN. You can take almost all of your prerequistes online(Sociology,.psych,nutrition,dev.psych,comp.1,and A&P 1).You may have to go to campus for a proctored exams for some of the classes. The tuition there is the lowest I could find in IA, and I just love all the instructors.If you attend there you will have to work your butt off, but in the long run it will be worth it(or so I am told).

This might be too late for you, but Indian Hills has an online ADN program. You do have to do clinicals in the SE Iowa area, though. Just google Indian Hills Community College and download their online ADN PDF. Good luck!

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