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I am hoping to move from IL to CA (LA area) sometime this coming summer. Im looking for hospitals who will help pay for grad school in return for time working. (I dont mind signing a contract) Id like to pursue my masters as a GNP. Does anyone have any advice on either some good hospitals that offer this or on tips of how to get my CA license? Thank you!

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To get your CA RN license, start with the CA Board of Registered Nursing:

If you are a LPN, then go with the CA Board of Vocational Nursing (LPNs are called LVNs in CA):

They will tell you everything you need to do to endorse your license to CA. It can take a few months to do since you'll have to get fingerprints, transcripts, background checked, I would start the process of endorsement early--don't wait until the last minute. You don't have to have a job offer or even live in CA to get your license endorsed to the state.


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Thank you so much! I have my to find a job....eeek!