Moving from Dallas to Sacramento


Hello! I graduate this December from a BSN program in Dallas, and would really love to move ASAP. I have family in Sacramento and have been considering moving there around January. I’m a little nervous because the next cohort of residencies start in February and require a California license by start date. 

Is it even possible to take my Texas test in December and have my license transferred to a California License by mid February? or worth it to take the California test instead? I’m applying to jobs in both dallas and sacramento right now to be safe. I’d like to stay here as little as possible, but if that means I need a year of experience before I can move that’s also an option. 

I’m not sure how competitive the residency program is there but I have about a year of Tech experience and Emergency room experience as well. If anyone has done a similar transfer or has any advice it would mean the world if you shared !!  thank you :)