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My family is considering a move to California from TX. I'm already in the process of obtaining licensure by endorsement, and have no question there. My problem is that I know it will be a great lifestyle/standard-of-living change, so I will take the next year planning for that. For now, I'm trying to figure out where's the "best" place to consider, considering I'm the sole support in my family (no kids).

We're pretty liberal, secular, but not rich . . . so I know that the Bay area is out. Would prefer to live close to LA, but that seems a bit steep as well. Any suggestions from folks who've worked around the state, or know the state pretty well?

Depending on the area, some specifics would be greatly appreciated:


1)What is the typical RN wage range in the area(s) you recommend?

2) Best areas to live? Is it possible to rent a decent house in a decent neighborhood for less than $1500?

3) Best hospitals to work at -- which to avoid?

I appreciate any and all comments, and welcome any email comments if you don't want to post publicly: [email protected]

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