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Move to North Dallas or Sacramento?

by shroom shroom (New) New Nurse

Specializes in Psych; mental health. Has 2 years experience.

Hi all, little background - I'm currently a Med/Psych RN working in WA. I need to move to either the North Dallas suburbs (Frisco, specifically) in Texas or the Sacramento area in California within 6 months for family reasons. By the time I'll be ready to move I'll have 2+ years experience as a Med/Psych RN as well as a BSN. I'm trying to chose which area would be the best move.

Here's some research I've conducted so far:

North Dallas: Avg RN salary around $33, taxes take up about 20% of paycheck, cost of living relatively cheap, median house price around $300,000. Very high property tax though (north of 2%). Job outlook growing but less union support to stabilize salary.

Sacramento: Avg salary around $50, taxes take up about 30% of paycheck, cost of living about 33% higher than Texas, median house price $400,000, property taxes lower than 1%. Getting a (good) job can be harder but more union support stabilizes the salary.

Any Nurses from the Frisco or Sacramento area offer their insight into their respective cities? I would prefer psych nurses but general med/surg would be OK too since I'm OK to transition. Also factoring in my experience and degree for outlook would be great. And if anyone wants to move to the Western Washington area, I would also be more than happy to help any questions for this area as well!