Mount Royal ACCN Course

by albertanurse albertanurse (New) New Nurse

Has 2 years experience.


I'm a nurse working in Alberta with about 1 year of surgical experience and I don't love my current job. I have always had interest in eventually working in the ICU but thought I should get some general experience before I work there. In the past few months there have been lots of postings (most at Royal Alex) for ICU positions saying that no critical care experience is required as there is training but it is something that is preferred. I have applied to many of these postings, and haven't even gotten one call back about it. I've been doing some research about getting certified in critical care and I am looking into the critical care certification that Mount Royal has. I was wondering if any nurses here have previously completed it and what their thoughts were on the program, if it is a good investment for future career goals in the ICU and if it is a good program. Also, I recognize that this certification does not guarantee me a job, but would this certification give me a big jump forward in the ICU job market or would there be different or other courses that I should consider completing first that would also give me a leg up? Or do you think because I only have about 1 year experience under my belt, that the ICU will likely not be interested in my resume regardless of any certification?

If any nurse has done this course or has some information about it for me please let me know!