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Mount Carmel SDAP

by fn2015 fn2015 (New) New Student

If you are considering applying to the Mount Carmel Second-Degree Accelerated Program - don't. I am a current student in this program and am so disappointed with the administration, faculty, and quality of education I am getting, especially considering the cost. With everything that is going on with COVID-19, our classes and clinicals were moved online beginning mid-March and through the end of our Summer term (end of August). There is also the possibility of our fall classes being moved online, but we won't know until later this Summer. That being said, currently 5 1/2 months of my 13-month program will be online. When the administration made this announcement they repeatedly said there will be no refunds. In fact, they are making us pay additional fees for our virtual clinical software. We are already paying over $3,200 for each 4-week specialty course and now they are expecting us to not only purchase the textbooks, but also pay an additional $100-$150 for access to our online clinicals, for a FOUR WEEK course. The program is already expensive as is - over $45K - and now we're paying even more for almost half of the program to be online with no access to labs, no in-person clinicals, no "free" printing, and many other benefits you get with being on campus.

After Summer classes and clinicals were moved online, students got together to write a letter to the faculty explaining our frustrations, asking for some leniency with the extremely strict attendance policy (many students work and/or have children at home during quarantine), and for us to have a way to express concerns/ideas with the changes being made in our program. After receiving this letter, the director of the program held a "town hall meeting" where she flat out told us no without giving much of any reason. This is just one example of where we were made to feel like they do not care about their students.

This program has been such a waste of time and money. I would not recommend it to anyone!