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More questions about your procedures

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Thanks everyone who responded to my post about our unit restructuring. I have some other questions regarding specifics. In an attempt to streamline, we need to get rid of some of our "busywork". If you could let me know how you manage the following:

1) are you required to document ekgs with hard copy strips? i.e. taping a strip to the record?

2) Do you push your own medications?

3) how extensive is your admission process? Does a physician's H & P satisfy any of your admission physical requirements or do you still need to do your own complete physical?

4) How are patient's current medications documented. Currently, we give a sheet to our patients to have filled out when they come in, but then we are required to recopy this ourselves, by hand, onto another sheet.

4) Does your unit do bronchoscopies? If so, how are they staffed? Do you do emergent bronchs?

That's all I can think of right now. I really appreciate your help with our growing (or should I say shrinking) pains as we prepare to restructure our unit.

Karen in Iowa

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We do bronchs with one RN for sedation and a respiratory therapist to assist.

We do all the admits the same one copy of meds on the admission form and one copy on the front sheet on the charts.

We use one RN for sedation in the room and one tech to assist. We need two RN's in the room for PEG placement. One sedates one does the cut for peg placement.

On ERCP's we have the one RN one tech and one Radiology tech. It would be nice for a second RN to help sometimes they are hard to sedate.

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