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Thanks, Jill. I appreciate your repsonse and support. I do believe that we should help each other as much as possible.

I talked with one of my staff who liked the idea of travellers. Some of my staff want me to look into the "critical staffing" incentives instead. Administration came up with the idea of giving incentives to units with 40% or more position vacancies. Although our OB unit does not meet this criteria, I am going to talk to my VP about it. Rather than pay travellers, the hospital thought if we gave big incentives to the staff we have, then that would be better for morale, and retention.

The call schedule didn't look too bad. We work 12's here. The full timers are scheduled for 36 hours per week. In addition to this, they take one or two shifts of call in a 2 week period. The most they will work is 48 hours in a given week if they have to be called in. I don't think that is too horrible, really...until I get more staff on board.

The one thing I still need to take care of is the charting system so that they can get out on time. We will soon have bedside computerized charting in June. I can hardly wait!

Thanks again, Jill. I appreciate your replies on here.

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