3 months into CNA job


So I have been working as a CNA for 3 months now. Actually offically today makes 3 months. So far it is straight, I know for a fact still I do not see myself doing this very long and I still do feel like it would be a lot different if I was in an hospital setting. Onething I can say if I can make it at this job until I am able to go some where else, in 2 years to be exact, I know I can make it any where. There are a lot of messy people at my jobs CNA's and Nurses and it is really crazy but karma will take care of them. I can say I am really learning though. Learning to care and know about my patients, pay attention to thier bodies, the way the eat, act, and behave every day. Then I am in school for my associates in healthcare administration and I love the courses I have taken so far. One semester down, 2 more to go. So far doing really good in my classes and really learning a lot. Learning things that can help me in my job I am doing right now.