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3 month job...

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I worked at a jo for 3 months and i didnt like the facility, when asked after my 90 days I was honest and quit. I am looking for another job but didnt know if I should put it on my resume. Its my only job that ive had sense I graduated nursing school a year ago. Im not sure what to say in the interview either. I am attending 2 job fairs with interviews this week and need to figure out what to do. thanks!

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To me it would be better to mention it than not, as some things find a way into conversation without you realizing it. Just say you did not find it a fit and left under good terms (I hope that is correct!)

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When you apply for a job, they will ask for your employment history. If you fail to list it, you will be falsifying your application and you may be penalized for it - even to the point of being terminated from a job that you've started.

Honesty is the best policy.

Just wanted to thank you for the advice, i was honest throughout my interview process and got offered a job in organ transplant, im still in shock, being that im fairly new to nursing and will soon be working for a top hospital, the 3 mo of exp came in handy answering interview questions. wouldnt have gotten the job without it.