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Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program


Hello! I am in my ASN program in California right now but plan on moving to Tennessee after I graduate and take my NCLEX May of 2018. I would love to work at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in their Nurse Residency Program. I was just wondering if anyone knows how possible that is coming as a new RN from California. Do they typically only take Vanderbilt graduates, or would they consider me? I should add I am applying for a Nurse Exeternship position at Valley Children's Hospital (a very well respected children's hospital near where I live now) when this semester is over. So I should have experience working as a pediatric nurse extern before applying to Vanderbilt Children's hospital as a new RN.

Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you all in advance :)

Hello! One of my classmates was accepted into their residency program (we graduate this week!) They take grads from any accredited program not just Vandy grads. They may give preference to BSN grads but I'm not sure. Your experience in CA would definitely help you. Good luck!