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I have everything needed to apply for this job except one thing...."Understanding of cardiac rhythms also required."

I have medical secretary experience, medical terminology ( am currently a medical transcriptionist) and excellent computer skills. I finished a CNA course in August and will take my state test soon. I'm working one night a week as a CNA also. I'm also taking the pre-requisites for LPN.

I'm familiar with cardiac rhythms and what they are, but of course, I don't think that's enough. This job is in the ICU Department so I'm sure it's an important skill.

Where would I learn about cardiac rhythms? Is there a class I need to take? How could I acquire this skill/knowledge so I can apply?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Specializes in Cardiac.


At my hospital there are classes offered to learn to interpret EKG rhythms as part of orientation. Hope that helps!

There are usually dysrhythmia courses offered at most hospitals for staff. Its about 8 hours to have the stuff beaten into your head if I remember correctly. You can come have my position as the second I pass the NCLEX I'm fired with apparently no RN job to fill the gap. Yay for this economy.

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