Money or Specialty?


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Hey people! So I am at my wits end with this INCREDIBLY tough decision i'm having to make and I would appreciate some advice from some other professionals in the same boat... So, I have known I wanted to work in Pediatric Oncology for as long as I've wanted to be a nurse.. which is basically the better half of my life. I cannot imagine working in any other field and being even half as happy as I am when I am in Peds Onc. With that being said, I have been INCREDIBLY lucky to receive two separate job offers upon my graduation from nursing school (which is happening in two days... thank god.) I am having a really hard time deciding between the two offers and would love to hear from some people in the field...

So, the first job offer was from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. Arguably the best Adult Oncology hospital in the US, they made me an incredible offer to start off on their BMT unit. I know that it is SUCH an honor to have an offer from this amazing facility right out of college, in addition to getting to start in such a specialized area of the field I love so much.. The money is better in Houston and I can't imagine that having MD Anderson on my resume will hurt me.. But i am having some real hesitations because it is a job in Adults when my heart and passions lie in Peds. Which brings me to my other offer...

the second offer I received is from Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University. I received an offer for EITHER their Pediatric Oncology/Hematoloty floor, Medical, or Surgical floors. I am conflicted on accepting this offer ALSO because I feel so happy and blessed to get to work in pediatrics, but I am wondering if working in a unit or floor that I am not WILD about (assuming that I wasn't offered a position in Hem/Onc) is worth it... I am basically asking if it is better to get adult Oncology experience, or generalized pediatric experience.

I feel unbelievably conflicted and just want some direction. I have weighed the pros and cons and just want to make the decision that will aid me in getting to my DREAM job some day.... Please help. Thanks, guys!


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Congrats! What a blessing for you! What is your driving passion? Think pt. population- Oncology or Pediatrics? You can go to Adult BMT and gain some amazing oncology experience (I was a BMT nurse for many years) and eventually use that experience to move into Peds Oncology in the future. But if the pt. population you really love caring for is Peds, then the type of unit might not matter as much. Don't over think it too much. Also, definitely think about location. You will be living there for who knows how long?You want to be happy not only in your job, but also your environment. Personally, just from your post, you sound like you have a passion for Peds. Good luck!