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Monash IQN bridging program interview


Hi all. I recently applied for the Monash IQN bridging program, Australia in November. I have been shortlisted for an online interview. I have no idea what they'll ask me about. Please assist and give me pointers on the topics and areas I should concentrate on.

Hi. How was the experience in studying in Monash University? How hard were the online examinations?

The program was intense, especially the intensive week on campus. However, I must say the staff members are very friendly and professional. Ensure that you submit your online assessments on time. I'd also advise that you read and prepare in advance before you start the intensive week on campus. Attachment was also a great learning experience. Enjoy!!

Can we printed these online learning materials? I am not productive when it comes to reading through computer. My eyes got strained. So if it is not prohibited, i will print it to read.

Thanks for the info.

Could you kindly give me infomation related to the initial interview? I am ahead of it. So nervous with no infortmation.

If possible, you can email me...


Hi there. I was asked about COPD, handhygiene, transferring patient and medication errors. Actually, she can ask many questions. We dont know what will come out. Others had experienced in DM, MI, angina. Mine doesnt have any of it.