Molloy Accelerated Program or QCC?


So for the last year or so I've been debating which direction to take with my nursing career. I'm currently a student at Hunter College and projected to graduate Fall 2015 (wasn't able to apply to hunters program bc I didn't finish all the pre-req's so I'm now a psych major) not going to lie I messed up with my pre requisites. I got a C in Chem 101, no credited Organic Chem, got a C+ in A&P 1 and C in developmental psych and stats. Didn't take Micrpbio or A&P 2

I'm trying to decide whether I should transfer in the Fall of 2014 to QCC and get my associates in nursing (they don't have as many prerequisites and my grades would be acceptable, however I would be there for about 2.5 years JUST to get my associates then have to go back to school to finish my bachelors.

OR I finish my psych degree at Hunter and then go to Molloy or some other school that has a Second Degree Nursing Program. I would of course have to retake those classes and get better grades but I'm just trying to think what would be the best route. Any advice would be appreciated!