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Mohawk BScN

by greentea25 greentea25 (New) New

Hello everyone,

I am just wondering if anyone knew when the Mohawk BScN offers for fall 2015 start to go out? I feel like I read March somewhere, but I can't find that information again. The questionnaire that we had to submit as part of the admissions process wasn't due until February 1 and I know it has to be read and evaluated by 3 people so I'm not expecting to get any news right now.

Thanks in advance!

Also I just got an email informing me that there's been an extension for those questionnaires- to February 25 (I don't know why)... so maybe this will push it back further

Have you gotten accepted into the program thou?

No- I logged into my testing results and my questionnaire hasn't been graded yet, and it says no decision under BScN when I look at program choices. I did get an offer of admission for Practical Nursing though.

I also haven't gotten a reply but my friend has and said that if you still haven't gotten a reply then you have to wait till May cause that's when your mid terms marks will be like processed.

Have you gotten a reply for the program yet?