Moffitt Hospital in Tampa

U.S.A. Florida


Is there anyone working for them? Could you tell me more about nursing jobs there? Pt to nurse ration, working conditions, management, people, pay rates, educational opportunities, benefits, EVERYTHING.

I am a new oncology nurse, work in this field for less than a year at another hospital in the area. I have very good job, I am lucky. Good hospital, nice and helpful co-workers, great manager and her team, everybody is helpful, everything is well organized. The only thing I don't like about my job is my commute time, it is too far from my house. I spend time and money on driving there. And the pay is one of the lowest in the area (but it is not a great minus in my list).

Moffitt is closer to my house, which will save me time and money on gas. I am thinking about applying there. But I am not ready to trade my good floor for something uncertain. You know what I mean, I am sure...Thus, I am asking you, Moffitt nurses about your experience there.


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