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Both BJC and SSM have student nurse programs (i'm assuming a PCT or NA). Does anyone know their salary? Do you have to work full-time to get the tuition reinbursement? I plan to quit my full-time... Read More

  1. by   paper1225
    I am glad I stumbled on this thread.....I am a student nursing with plenty of loans and still a little over a year to go with school. Tomorrow I have my HR day at Barnes(st.peters) for a patient sitter is only part time, but from an earlier post it looks as though I may get some tuition paid if I work 15-20 hrs/week? woo hoo! An extra bonus! I decided to only do patient sitter for now so I can keep the stress level low-once in the hospital I may decide to go fo the SNT I can get $4500/year and what is this forgiveness part? What about loans I already have? thanks!