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  1. Has anyone done the FNP program at USM? I'm just wondering what you're experinces are because I am planning to Bridge from Rn to MSN when I finish my ADN and I have not found any threads about it. Right now I'm looking at the gulf coast campus. Thank you
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    has anyone done the fnp program at usm? i'm just wondering what you're experinces are because i am planning to bridge from rn to msn when i finish my adn and i have not found any threads about it. right now i'm looking at the gulf coast campus. thank you
    i don't know about the fnp program i do know they desire that you have a gpa 3.0 or higher in all previous nursing courses for the bridge option...which can be a challenge...but it can be obtained..

    contact usm-school of nursing- meridian campus
    1000 highway 19 north
    meridian, ms 39307-5799
    1-800-824-5288 ext. 4-0400
    fax: 601-484-0439

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    in keeping with its commitment of excellence and leadership in nursing, the college of nursing offers a master of science in nursing degree designed for nurses holding an associate degree (adn) or a diploma in nursing. with this plan, students do not receive the baccalaureate degree, but after completing prerequisites may then proceed with the graduate level courses. students may elect to pursue the program of study on a full- or part-time basis. students select an emphasis area on admission.
    rn to msn admission requirements

    • an associate degree or diploma in nursing from a program accredited by the national league for nursing accreditation commission or the commission on the collegiate nursing education
    • an unrestricted rn license
    • one year of clinical experience as an rn
    • an overall gpa of 2.75 in non-nursing prerequisite courses
    • a minimum of a c in each course applicable to the nursing curriculum
    • a gpa of 3.0 in all nursing courses
    • proof of immunization against hepatitis b
    • proof of recent health examination
    • annual tb skin test
    • current cpr certification
    • acceptable scores on the verbal and analytical sections of the graduate record examination (gre)
    • admission to the graduate school
    graduate academic progression

    a student must maintain a 3.0 grade-point average each semester and may not earn more than one grade of c in one course in the program of study. failure to meet this requirement will result in denial of progression in the graduate nursing program. students enrolled in any laboratory course must adhere to agency guidelines and must maintain their nursing license without restriction to practice throughout the program of study.
    want more information about the nursing program? contact cynthia luther by e-mail at or by telephone at 601-484-0400 ext. 4-0400