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  1. Hello, I should be finished with the nursing program in two years and would like some moving information. I am from Alabama and am looking to move to the gulf coast area. I am just wondering if any of you know how much Singing River Hospital in Ocean Springs starts new grads at. I only ask because its a determining factor in weather or not I end up in Ms. Also, if any of you know how much a decent apartment to rent is in that area that would be helpful too! Thank y'all!
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  3. by   BeachBum66
    Hey Mzjez, I live in the OS area. Not sure what starting pay at SRH is but here is a link to their website . The only person I know working there is not in a nursing capacity but if I find anything out I'll post it here. Also rent seems to be running $500-800/mo. Good luck.
  4. by   Mzjez
    Thank you so much, that helps me out I am trying to decide between O.S. and Atlanta, the rent seems about the same as it is Atlanta...
  5. by   eldragon
    Quote from Mzjez
    Thank you so much, that helps me out I am trying to decide between O.S. and Atlanta, the rent seems about the same as it is Atlanta...

    I have lived in both Atlanta (in the mid-eighties) and Ocean Springs, MS., in my lifetime. Rents in Atlanta in 1985 were pretty high back then, and that was 24 years ago! However, the experience of living in Atlanta was pretty good. There's quite alot of culture and many good restaurants and clubs. Traveling in and out of Atlanta is pretty easy, but traveling inside the city is easier done on the MARTA system (trains and buses) as parking is astronomical there.

    Ocean Springs is a pretty small town. It's a cute place. We lived there for about 5 years and bought a home there, which we sold just after hurricane Katrina. There's the one hospital only.

    If I were young and had to choose, I'd choose Atlanta without question. You'll have more opportunities there as there are many hospitals.

    It depends on your personality and your goals for learning, as well as what you like to do in your leisure time. Ocean Springs would be the safe choice, obviously.
  6. by   Riker3
    I've worked at OSH for 2 years now and I'm not sure what the new grad pay rate is....I'm thinking $18-20/hr?? Just call HR and ask for Julie, she's really nice and will let you know what the pay scale is. As far as Atlanta vs. OS? Depends on what kind of lifestyle that you are looking for. OS is a cute, small town with good restaurants and culture(art). However, the hospital bores me. I really like the trauma and the excitement/challenge of high acuity patients(I worked at a University hospital previously). I work in the ICU and the acuity is fairly low, but the new heart surgery program is successful and bringing in more challenging patients. If you have to pick between SRH in Pascagoula or OSH...pick OSH. Please let me know if you have more specific questions that I can answer for you; happy to help.
  7. by   Mzjez
    I know I am late about posting back on this but do you think O.S. is a good hosptial to start at or do you think I should start with something more challenging so that I can master my skills?
  8. by   Riker3
    I would definitely start at OSH; if you want to master your skills or find a higher acuity, you'll have to go to USA in Mobile, AL
  9. by   corbon
    What kind of patients are in OSH's ICU? Actue or long term? CCU, MICU, or SICU? Thanks.
  10. by   Riker3
    OSH has a SICU and MICU, both have 12 beds. They are starting work on the new CVICU and should be done by the end of the year?? The SICU mostly has CABG's, Cartoids, MVA's, ex-laps, some orthos, neuro. THe MICU has more of the post cath pts, sepsis, gi bleeds, OD's, respiratory distress. The MICU takes the SICU overflow and vice versa. All are run by the same Nurse Manager and Assistant NM's, but the staffing is separate.