1. Hi all! I'm planning on applying for the ADN program Spring or Fall 2015, not entirely sure yet. My dilemma is this... I live closer to PRCC, but MGCCC is half the cost. From what I have read recently, MGCCC is rated higher than PRCC, yet MGCCC passing grades are 70 and above, whereas PRCC it is 80 and above. Like I said, I am closer to PRCC so I've heard the whole "PRCC ADN program is best in the state", but I have also heard all the horror stories, and personally know numerous people that have failed out! It is terrifying me, because I am almost 30, have 110 hours between 3 different majors, an almost useless AA degree. This is my last time going to school, and I will finish, just the horror stories have given me an early onset of panic! So if anyone has any information out there on pros and cons for PRCC vs. MGCCC, suggestions, knowledge of chances of getting in at either, please let me know! Thanks!
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  3. by   Blue shel
    MGCCC passing grades are 78. Not 70. Just wanted to clarify that with you.
  4. by   SouthMSNurse88
    That's odd. I met with a counselor on the Perk campus and discussed everything with her (70 at MGCCC/80 at PRCC) and she didn't tell me otherwise. I also know someone that graduated from JD and was told that if they had made a 68 or above, they still passed. I plan on making a 90 and above, just with the whole 70 and above, it felt like a safety net.
  5. by   biloxiqueen22
    I just graduated from MGCCC and passing is 78 and above.
  6. by   shanay251
    At biloxiqueen 22, RN was the program hard to get in.. I heard JD has a good nursing program. Can you give an good insight on what to expect??

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