NWCC RN Program

  1. Anyone else out there waiting for their Fall 2013 letters? I had an A in College Algebra from MSU, I'm taking A&P 1&2 Intensive courses this semester at EMCC, a 26 ACT, but only a 70 composite score on the Kaplan entrance exam. How about y'all? Anyone have a back up plan in case you don't get in?
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  3. by   Mrsashley
    I am currently waiting and very nervous. I here its pretty hard to get in, keeping my fingers crossed. My Kaplin scores are 78 and a 75 on the critical thinking.Good luck!!!
  4. by   Jlm1206
    Good luck to you too! I got my letter on Mon! I got in!! What about you??
  5. by   Mrsashley
    I have not received a letter at all do they send out letters for the people that got in first and then the people that did not later. That make me very nervous! !! Do you no if anyone else has gotten one good or bad. Congrads to you!!!!
  6. by   Mrsashley
    I challenged and I start in August as well. I just pasted my last test yesterday....I will start off in freshman 2....yayyy
  7. by   shakinahw
    Hello! Congrats on getting accepted!! I have been a LPN for 3 years and I am ready to go back for my R.N. I am excited because I have heard that NW is getting ready to open up a LPN to ADN starting Summer 2014. I have all the requirements except I haven't took the KAPLAN. I am very nervous about it. Could you please break down to me whats on the Kaplan test, how to study for it and what did you use to study for it. I heard that the study guide in the book store that recommends it doesn't help...any feed back would be nice. Thanks!
  8. by   shakinahw
    Hello! Congrats on getting accepted in nursing school! Could you please inform me about the Kaplan entrance test and what you did to prepare for it?? Thanks!
  9. by   Mrsashley
    I do not really think it is any thing that really prepares you for it. I recommend you looking over your basic math especially have to convert fractions and your basic A & P
  10. by   dannygurl84
    JIm 1206 what did you study for the ACT to get that high score, that's awesome by the way..