Northwest MS Community College

  1. I am beginning the process to apply to NWCC nursing but would like some insight from fellow upperclassmen:

    1. Have any of you worked while in school? If so, part-time? Full-time? Type of work?
    2. I have all of my general requisites (Eng., Public Speaking, Algebra, etc.) out of the way as well as Micro and A&P I & II. Basically all I'll be taking is Nursing classes and the "fluff" classes to make my 12 hours.

    What was your schedule like the first semester? Classes, clinicals...all day every day? 1/2 days? M/W only?

    3. Do you wear scrubs to class?
    4. What supplies (besides basic school supplies) were you required to purchase?

    I really appreciate any discussion from any/all people who attend(ed) NWCC. I am SO excited about this adventure! I've waited so long to pursue my career...chalk it up to an early marriage and kids!

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  3. by   rksgray13
    Let's see what I can remember. I have worked during school. First semester I worked full time and had a baby. We went to calls regularly M and W but we had our clinical days too. We also had those days we had to go to make up hours becuase there wasn't enough hours in the semester for M&W 8-10 am. Some went 10-12 am. It's an option. We went some tuesdays and some thursdays. Clinicals lasted from 6:30 am to about 2:30 pm. We do not wear scrubs to class but rather to the hospitals. You will have to purchase these through the bookstore. You will also have to buy a lab jacket of your choice with a NWCC nursing school patch to sew on. They'll tell you more about this. Alot if other people in my class work alot too. As you progress maybe a hospital will hire you to work as an intern. It's not impossible to work. Some even now( in the last semester, 8 weeks to go) still work 50 hours a week.
    I would suggest if you already have all the other classes out of the way to take some BSN prerequisites. It'll make it easier on you that way too. Easier in the fact that you'll be spending alot. You have ink and paper to buy for home printer. The library has given a limit on the printing now. You have a stethoscope, white shoes, name badge and later on alot more expensive things. NCLEX is 300, HURST review(optional but highly recommended) 350, graduation fee, blah blah blah.
    It's been veyr hard but going to be very well worth it. I already have a LPN and am looking forward to the vast opportunities out there. Dream one day to comeplete the doctorate in anesthesia. Good luck too!
  4. by   mommy_nrs2b
    Thank you so much for your help! I really do appreciate it! Good luck with your future goals!
  5. by   rksgray13
    I hope this helped you. To be perfectly honest, it's really not a set in stone schedule there. For the most part it is but be prepared for unscheduled days of lecture and simulation labs and careplan worksops, orientations, ATI testing, and so on. You may only miss a certain amount of days and be tardy a certain amount. I had a baby first semester and so did a classmate. She had a c-section thursday and was back in class Monday morning. I got lucky b/c mine came over spring break and then a little easter holiday. The more deicated you are the better you'll do.
  6. by   kb2013
    Hi! I just recently got accepted into NWCC and I was wondering if anyone that's currently in the RN program could give me some insight, i.e., what to expect on the first day? Clinical sites? Scholarships? Class size? How to get intern positions? Etc....