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  1. Hey everyone! Just wondering, what's it like to live in Mississipi especially as a nurse. Are you treated well by your employer? Do you like the weather? How's the traffic? Would you retire there? I've never been, but the low cost of living attracts me, and I have family there. Any thoughts?
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    well nursing is like anyohter place for the most part, some bad and some good. there are no nursing unions here which sux big time, which means you are pretty much at the mercy of the hospital. there seems to be a large non hiring freeze going on in the majority of the state from what i here. i think pay is probably lower than national avg. cost of living is ok. this is a big time medicare/medicaid state. hot & hummid during the summer milder winter than tn, but will have some freezing periods.
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    I moved to MS from San Diego, CA in 1996. Depends on where you are coming from, the South can be a tad of a culture shock . The weather varies depending on the time of the year. Summers are steamy hot, humidity is rough, and the winter is actually nice. Being in MS for so long now Ive actually aclimitized to the weather though. The traffic is alot better now than 10yrs ago, there are alot more 4 lanes The cost of living is definetly a plus! I was shocked in 96 b/c I took a $10.00 paycut coming to MS, yet the cost of living is lower. I wouldnt be able to comfortably afford the house I own here, if it were in CA. It's slower paced than where I came from, yet as i've gotten older and had children I actually like it The biggest thing I had to get used to was not having family close by. Good luck and