LPN Program at NW MS and more

  1. I want to apply for the LPN program at NW MS this August.
    I already have been admitted to the school and were going to start by RN pre-reqs this January but because I live in Memphis I am considered out of state and have to pay $1000 more in tuition. I am moving to Olivebranch in 3 months so I was thinking of applying for the LPN course instead. I want be become an RN one day but right now money is tight. I only make 9 dollars an hour so if I can get accepted into the LPN program I can be done in the summer of 2011.
    My question to you guys is,
    Is there usually a waiting list to get into the LPN program at NW? On the Schools web-site it says I have to take the ACT test and the NET-test before I can start. It says nothing about a waiting-list.
    Also, I have a co-worker that keeps telling me to not go for the LPN. She says that LPNs are getting faced out and MA (med-asst) is the way to go. She also tells me that MAs make the same money and that whan they want to go on to be an RN they can go straight into Nursing-school. ?
    Is she right?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   7out_to_nursing
    I to am applying to the lpn program and the Rn program you can take the challange exam and become a 2nd year student in the RN program..Hope this helps