Hinds Spring 2010 hopefuls

  1. Just wanted to see who else was waiting for letters to come out in October?
    I'm waiting for the LPN program on the Rankin campus... Anyone else waiting?
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  3. by   mommy2olivia
    Hi I'm in the LPN program at the Rankin campus now and will graduate in December. Just wanted to let you know that if you call the NAHC they will tell you if you are in or not. I know Sue Evans was over it, but not sure who is in charge of that now. Just call the Allied Health campus and say you have a question regarding the LPN program and they will put you through to whoever you need to speak with.
  4. by   ~KelRN~
    Hello. =)
    I talked to Mrs. Evan yesterday and I am number 17 for January at the Rankin campus.
    But she told me they are not accepting 40 this time, and she wasn't sure exactly how many are being accepted. She told me she was confident I would get in. But I'm a little worried, although I wouldn't imagine they'd only take 15 people.
  5. by   mommy2olivia
    If you are number 17 then you should definitely get in! I know there were several last year that were on the waiting list and they got in. I know that may not be the case this time since she told you they aren't accepting as many. I don't think she would have got your hopes up if she wasn't definite that you will be in the class. Congrats and Good Luck!!!
  6. by   ~KelRN~
    Thank you... She said letters would go out October, so as long as there not taking just 15 I'm in... I'm looking forward to it.
    How do you like the program so far?
  7. by   TopNotch1010
    Wait...Let me get this straight, they ALREADY have the list ready? I thought the deadline is Sept 30th? Please forgive me if I sound stupid. I am applying for the first time to the AHC RN program. Can I call and see what number I am too??

    ETA Never mind. I just called and they have not scanned my application yet.
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  8. by   ~KelRN~
    With the LPN program you can call and find out what number you are on the list. I'm not sure about the RN program.
  9. by   ~KelRN~
    Bump... Anyone else waiting to hear for Spring 2010?
  10. by   HealthyFuture
    yes i got my letter two weeks ago. I will be there! Can't wait to see you there too
  11. by   ~KelRN~
    What campus will you be going to? I'm going to the Rankin campus and our orientation is this Wednesday.. =)