Any recently accepted Northwest Mississippi aka NWCC out there

  1. Hi there,

    NWCC recently accepted students...Will you please share with us wannabee's on how the point system works... (i.e. how many points can you get for each category or whatever info you can enlightened us with for those who are waiting to know on whether they are accepted or denied). Thanks n I'm sure any information will be very helpful and appreciated.
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  3. by   annae2012
    I have also applied for Fall 2012 at NWCC if you don't mind me asking what were your scores?
  4. by   CgMoM09
    I also applied for fall 2012 .. what were yalls scores? I think we should get letters pretty soon.
  5. by   annae2012
    21 ACT 3.2 gpa TEAS math 73.3 reading 85.7 I heard they have started sending out letters ... Hope to get one this week!!!
  6. by   CgMoM09
    I hope they send out letters this week also!! My teas was reading:71.4 math:86.7 ACT:20 and GPA:3.0

    let me know if you receive a letter this week! GOOD LUCK!
  7. by   annae2012
    Good Luck to you too ... Let me know if you receive one also !!!
  8. by   soon2bnurseV
    Hello everyone, good luck to all as well. My teas reading and math score is 72 and 83. ACT 20. I hope we all get the good letter whenever they send them out. Let's keep each other updated.
  9. by   CgMoM09
    i will do! good luck to y'all! NurseV what is your GPA?
  10. by   annae2012
    Well I got a letter today but it wasn't a good one : (
  11. by   soon2bnurseV
    I did not get the good letter either Annae2012. I feel so bad. Did your letter say something about considering you for the spring.
  12. by   annae2012
    Yes it said something along the lines of letting them know by march 23,2012 ... But not really sure what that means.
  13. by   CgMoM09
    My letter wasn't good either the people that got in must have really high scores on everything! are y'all going to try for LPN?
  14. by   CgMoM09
    or any other program NWCC offers? or try for Spring 2013