Advice plz! Holmes or Hinds?(RN)

  1. I got the acceptance letter from both hinds and holmes for this coming autumn semester today. I really need some advice which to choose.
    Recently I heard a lot bad things about hinds, but what about holmes? If holmes about the same sk type, then it would be too frustrating

    If u have anything, anything u know about these two programs plz tell me and I would be so appreciated !
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  3. by   DTC
    I went theough the LPN program at HCC-Rankin campus and graduated March 06. I have friends who graduated the RN program there and none of them had any problems. When I tell fellow workers that I graduated from HCC,,they tell me they produce great nurses and that they've heard it's a tough program and their nurses are well educated. I work with two nurses who graduated from Holmes and they're both fine nurses as well. I think it boils down to 1)ones dedication to putting school FIRST, 2)having good study skills and 3)READING EVERYTHING THOROUGHLY. You can't skim the books and expect all your test questions to come from lectures. I read in the local rag, The Clarion-Ledger, that students at HCC said they hadn't ever seen some of the material that appeared on the tests,,WELLLLLL,,,,you have to READ THE BOOKS,,not just the hi-lited sentences the instructors go over. My instinct tells me that those who did the complaining probably wouldn't have fared any better if they had been studing history, literature or business.My thoughts are,,that school is what you put into it,,and you have to dedicate yourself to STUDYING, STUDYING, STUDYING. I read thoroughly, studied in small groups, studied with classmates on the phone and sitting outside before, after and during breaks at school. I have 2 more classes to complete before applying for eh bridge program, and I wouldnt hesitate to continue my education at HCC,,in fact, I PLAN on going back to HCC for my ADN. Schedule a meeting with the nursing counselor at both institutes,,express your concerns and go where you think is best for YOU. Good luck and keep on posting!
  4. by   MSADN
    Um. I'm prejudiced. I'm finishing up the second semester at Holmes in Ridgeland. Nursing school takes a large commitment of time and a dedication you may have never experienced. You gotta really want this. I have enjoyed both classmates and instructors this first year. Each have been supportive and helpful in this quixotic quest for the RN designation.

    Don't let the news reports scare you away from Hinds. I live on the north side of Jackson, so Holmes was my logical choice. Both schools turn out good nurses. Good luck on your choice.
  5. by   Anna4505
    I am definitely a Holmes fan. I am also finishing up my first year in the ADN-Rn program. Our teachers are wonderful and I have had a really good experience. Nursing school is not easy; you truely have to be dedicated and study, study, study. I love our schedule this semester as well b/cit was a mix of class and clinicals thorugh the whole semester (not just divided with class at the beginning and clinicals at the end). One thing I know for sure- our teachers are not out to fail us. They want us to succeed and complete the program. For our program, if you failed out then you really did not make te grades, which means you were not dedicated to begin with.

    I don't know much about Hinds. I have a friend there who is doing well and enjoys school. But, it is disappointing to hear about all the students failing a test and not graduating.

    Good luck with the decision! It's great you got acceptances to both-I know they are both competitive!
  6. by   MSADN
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