Mission College vs. Evergreen Valley College


I'm moving back to the Bay Area next year and I'm trying to figure out which school will be the best for me. I plan on going for my LVN then once that is completed, take the bridge courses to the RN program. I've seen some older posts regarding these schools on here that go 5+ years back, but I'm looking for some fresh/recent advice. I would like anyone's opinion on these two schools and if you have any information about what the wait lists are like that would be extremely helpful. The wait lists actually scare me because it would be disappointing if I had to wait years to get in. That's why I'm not even looking at De Anza College, because they just have RN, not LVN and I know the wait list for that school is ridiculous. Also, does anyone know if I take prerequisite classes at say Mission College, would they transfer over to Evergreen Valley College as well as other colleges in the area? I wonder this because I'm hoping to finish all my prerequisites and then be able to apply to more than one school for the LVN program to broaden my chances. Thanks for any help you have!