Hi guys!! I was just accepted into misericordias ABSN program for fall 2021, anyone else joining the upcoming fall cohort??

to be honest... I considered applying but after hearing just how easy It was to get in for one of my friends... I chose to not submit my application. I don't know if its just me, but that gave me a weird feeling. Maybe it would be a great program, but others are so incredibly hard to get into, I find there has to be some catch? Let me know your thoughts!


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Hey! Yeah I’m not sure about the competitiveness of getting into the program As the other people I know that have gotten in did have high grades, but I definitely think that my admissions advisor has been extremely helpful in answering my questions and sat down for about an hour explaining every aspect of the program to me which I didn’t get from any of the other schools I applied to, so that was definitely a benefit for me. 

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I'm not going. I was in touch with an advisor for a few weeks and then had not heard back from them for weeks and prior I was told I had been "conditionally accepted" so have no idea what is going on. I got in to a few other schools so will pick amongst those. 

good luck!