Minute Clinic FNP job questions

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I saw a post by you when I was searching about CVS Minute Clinics. I was wondering if you still work there and could answer a couple of questions for me.

I had my first phone interview at CVS Minute Clinic this past week and am scheduled to meet with a regional director next Friday for interview 2.

I am able to work weekends, but the HR rep told me that I would have to work an additional day during the week. Is that standard? I thought committing to every weekend might be good enough. I'm wondering if they make exceptions. I have 2 small children one of which has some medical issues and I'm having second thoughts about working close to 30 hrs/wk while managing all of my son's appointments. I realize that a Minute Clinic probably gives me the most flexibility in my schedule and as a new FNP out of school and don't want to continue working as an RN after all the work of obtaining the FNP.

Anyone have a similar circumstance? I don't want to have to take 2 yrs off right after getting my license and continue working as an RN, but am considered I will not find any other position with the flexibility I am looking for.


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