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Hi. I am currently in Southern Ca looking to move up north. This hospital has a critical care nursing training program for jan 2005 which I am interested in. Has anyone had any experience working in this hospital? is it a good hospital? ...any insights would be much is burlingame as a city? I've done some research and will eventually drive down there later..but again any initial info would be great..thanks


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I currently work at Mills-Peninsula in Burlingame. I am a new grad as of May 2004. Started the critical care training program in June 2004. This is my 2nd career and have worked at Mills-Peninsula for the past 25 years. It is a good hospital and the critical care training program is very good. You will have classroom lectures part of the time and on the floor with a preceptor. Everyone is very willing to help you. Soon the ICU will be having E-ICU in which there is always a physician (in a remote sight) to help with any problems you encounter with patients. I really enjoy my job and am pleased that I picked the program for my new grad training. Are you a new grad, or do you have experience?? They take both in the program.

Burlingame is a very nice city. The cost of living is high. I actually live about 10 min away from the hospital in a city called San Bruno. There are many cities up and down the SF peninsula in which to live.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, or you can email me at [email protected]



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I recently applied for new grad training program for mills peninsula and im not sure if i'll be able to get in...i havent received any calls from the recruiter. :( I wish i could work here.

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